The EDUGATES® International Systems adopt highly academic curricula, effective class instruction methods and rigorous programs. The EDUGATES® syllabi and curricula lead to college preparation in the higher classes. College preparation means that every High School Graduate would have properly learnt the essential core courses that are required for University Admission. High School Graduates would have also passed the External Examinations that qualify them for joining University like Cambridge CIE, SAT, TOEFL and AP. All arrangements are made to make sure  
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  that the top world Universities’ conditions are met by our graduates.EDUGATES® courses prepare students in a manner that does not restrict the options when it comes to choice of University, however, students will have the option to start narrowing their choice should they find some Honours Courses of EDUGATES too demanding. Students who follow the Honours Courses line will keep all options open for joining University. The Honours High School Diploma qualifies students to select the specialisation of their choice at University.
  Our Curriculum emphasizes the importance of languages, critical thinking (through guidance lessons, mathematics and Science), logic (through formal Mathematics) and Information Technology.All subjects are taught in English except for Arabic, Civics, Islamic Studies and French. Civics and Islamic Studies are taught in accordance with the regulations and curricula of The Omani Ministry of Education.EDUGATES® prepares detailed pacing charts and notes that complement courses and guide teachers. The curricula and the textbooks are supplemented by school prepared literature.  
   Syllabi and Curricula  
  There is plenty of scientific evidence that challenging a child’s brain at an early age is necessary for optimal mental development, and our curriculum is designed to serve this purpose. In addition to the demanding academic components, Physical Education, Art and Music remain essential parts of the curriculum that are important for healthy mental growth. EDUGATES® follows an international curriculum that allows students when they reach secondary classes to choose to follow the British System, the American System or an International System like IB.  
   The Kindergarten  

Students of the KG follow a curriculum that enhances their mental, social and physical growth.

Their motor skills are enhanced through sports and handicrafts, arts lessons and access to beautifully landscaped playgrounds and well selected play equipment.

Their mental abilities are enhanced through the mathematics and language lessons.

Their general knowledge and social development are enhanced by theme week activities, project team work and well decorated boards.

The academic subjects we teach at KG level are English, Arabic, Mathematics, Art, Music, General Themes and Physical Education.

  The Language curricula cover the phonics, basic vocabulary and conversation skills. The phonetic method is used to introduce letter recognition and later reading. Sound blending starts during the third term of KG1 and by the end of KG2 all students can read.

The Mathematics curriculum includes numbers and counting (to 10 in KG1 and to 100 in KG2), basic shapes (Circle, Triangle, Square and Rectangle), Classification per Colour and per Shape, and number representation. In KG 2 they are introduced to addition and subtraction of numbers up to 20.

KG students are introduced to Information Technology as early as the age of three through their computers; they do Colouring and Drawing, and they complete Worksheets that are produced by the KG department to reinforce what they learn. They learn nursery rhymes and songs, paint, produce handicrafts and do daily Physical Activities.
Their language skills, social skills and character development will be enhanced using theme topics that introduce them to: The Body, Family and Friends, Home and Environment, School and Play, Days of the Week and Months of the Year, Seasons and Weather, Health and Hygiene, Safety, Good Manners, Sharing and Respecting Property, and Gardens, Plants and Animals. KG also do field trips with their teachers to places that are of interest to them; during those trips they enjoy their time and further their learning.
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